• Advanced Professional Culinary Arts
  • AGE

    18-40 with intership


    12 months intership

A long term vocational culinary education, designed to reinforce continuous learning as well as to provide an advanced skills set, comprises 3 terms of 4 months each, totaling 12 months. Candidates between 18-40 years of age can apply. The program follows the educational content and system of City & Guilds, the leading international vocational education accreditation agency. The first 4 months long term takes place in MSA's professional kitchens. The second term divides the learning process between the school and industry where students study 3 days at MSA to improve their skills and experience and complete an "on-the-job" training at an industrial kitchen for 3 days every week. Students complete the last 4 months as part of their mandatory culinary internship at a professional establishment determined by MSA. The program offers the Advanced City & Guilds diploma, a certificate of the mandatory hygiene education, HACCP certificate and a graduation certificate approved by the Ministry of Education.

Course Subjects

  • Food presentation
  • Introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Menu planning
  • Purchasing
  • Knife skills
  • Stocks
  • Liaisons
  • Sauces
  • Food safety
  • Nutrition
  • Cost calculation
  • Nutrition
  • Emulsion sauces
  • Cooking eggs
  • Sandwiches
  • Fabricating meat
  • Introduction to pastry & bakery
  • Salad dressings & salads
  • Sauteing
  • Grilling
  • Grid Technique
  • Soups
  • Wok dishes
  • Fabricating poultry
  • Deep frying
  • Fabricating seafood
  • Shallow frying
  • Steaming
  • Poaching
  • Braising
  • Classical Turkish Cuisine
  • Baking
  • Cooking offal
  • Stewing
  • Roasting
  • Vegetarian cooking
  • Supervisory skills in f&b management
  • Food safety supervision
  • Cooking game
  • Cold food prep
  • Cooking vegetables and pulses
  • Cooking pasta
  • Cooking rice
  • World gastronomy
  • Advanced level techniques of vegetable and vegetarian cooking
  • Advanced level meat and offal cooking & presentation
  • Advanced level poultry cooking & presentation
  • Advaned level techniques of seafood cooking and presentation
  • Laminated dough products
  • Hot & cold a la carte desserts

MSA graduates are eligible for leading vocational diplomas

  • City & Guilds

    City & Guilds

    Upon the successful completion of their professional culinary programs, MSA students are eligible for the City & Guilds diploma, the leading international vocational education accreditation agency.

  • Certificate of

    Certificate of

    MSA professional programs are approved by the Turkish Ministry of Education and upon the fulfillment of the program requirements, participants receive a completion certificate.



    Mumac Academy is a Coffee Equipment Museum & Coffee Academy, established by Italy's number one coffee equipment manufacturer La Cimbali together with other equipment and coffee producers.

  • Pearson

    Profesyonel Barista Certificate

    Pearson BTEC Level 2 Award in Barista Skills Pearson is one of the leading international companies committed to the effective measurement of educational success and within the realm of BTEC, offers academic and vocational education programs that are approved and valid across the world.



    HACCP certificate, a requirement for professional culinary personnel both on a local and international scale, ensures the safe and secure operation of physical, chemical and microbiological processes related to food production.

Success Stories

Banuhan Özyurda
Very Cupcake is our own family business that we established in 2013 in Ankara. I joined several cupcake workshops...
Banuhan Özyurda 2014 - Chef & Owner Professional Pastry & Bakery
Rudi Semerci
Rudi Semerci Professional Barista Spada
Anıl Kızılöz
After 6 years as a commis chef, I joined the professional culinary arts program.
Anıl Kızılöz 2010 - Advanced Professional Pastry & Bakery
Özge Olgar
I came across MSA in 2010. I was planning a culinary education abroad and even have researched the options.
Özge Olgar 2012 - Professional Pastry & Bakery
Ediz Esmer
You never know where your life can take you. Your childhood dreams may quickly turn into another direction due to unexpected reasons.
Ediz Esmer 2013 - Professional Culinary Arts
Güneş Kaplan
I studied architecture but unlike many, I decided to follow my own dreams and do what I want to do most in life.
Güneş Kaplan 2014 - Professional Culinary Arts
Hazal Yıldırım
My mom who is a chef was my inspiration when choosing my profession.
Hazal Yıldırım 2013 - Professional Culinary Arts İngilizce
Leyla Kadiroğlu Özbayram
I was always captured by the kitchen and dreamt of opening a cafe. But I had to follow on my dad's footsteps and pursue a degree in aviation.
Leyla Kadiroğlu Özbayram Professional Culinary Arts İngilizce
Gürel Akgün
I was the chef at parties, birthdays and friends eat-ins. My interest got more serious over time, encouraging me to pursue new tastes.
Gürel Akgün Professional Culinary Arts İngilizce
Mehmet Semet
It's fair to say that MSA turned my life upside down. It was a wonderful experience for me, I long to be back there even though I graduated years ago.
Mehmet Semet 2012 -
Oğuz Kurt
I was able to adapt to everywhere I work thanks to what I learned at MSA.
Oğuz Kurt 2011 -
Sabri Eşitmez
I knew I was in the right school on my very first day at MSA, once I experienced the discipline and the quality of education.
Sabri Eşitmez 2013 -
Zeynep Göçmen
I am 27 years old. I used to study nursing but soon realized it was not for me. My family has a culinary background and I was dreaming of becoming a pastry chef.
Zeynep Göçmen 2013 -
Büşra Oğuz
They call us, the students of the Advanced Professional Culinary Arts program, "the blue collars"
Büşra Oğuz
Cihan Demir
My job was in tourism. I speak English, Spanish and Japanese. But I figured out that I can change my life by being a chef and decided that MSA was the school for it.
Cihan Demir 2012 - Professional Barista

Instructor Team

An instructor team with 23 full-time chef instructors as well as more than 30 local and international visiting chefs every year.